Who am I, why am I here, and what can I do for you?

Sandra Anne Daly


It is my mission to share with other victims my own story of escape from a highly abusive and violent relationship, for the purpose of helping them to find their OWN way out. Through sharing the specific tools and practices that I used to change my own life, it is my privilege and my joy to stand witness for others, cheering them on as they do the same for themselves.


To help you, my Sister, to gain a REAL understanding of your own personal power, and to teach you how to use these tools in the times and places that it will do you and your future the most good. (ie.: Right now. Right where you stand. No matter where you are standing or what you are standing in.)

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My beautiful friend has put my story to music, and this gorgeous song is the result. I am so blessed and grateful.

Phoenix Rising

"Phoenix" written and performed by Cerise Patron.