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I get asked all the time, "What does "Choose Your Universe" even mean?!" (Yes, often with a certain amount of frustration from the person asking.)

Here's what it means, in a nutshell:

There are more than 7,000,000,000,000 (seven BILLION) people on earth. And since each of those seven billion people is an individual, and we all have our own personal perceptions, beliefs, ideas and attitudes about things, that means that there is ONE world (one Universe) being experienced for every single person on this planet.

AND, since WE EACH (whether consciously or unconsciously does not matter one bit) CHOOSE OUR OWN PERSONAL PERCEPTIONS, BELIEFS, IDEAS AND ATTITUDES in every second of every day, in the midst of every single circumstance and situation in our lives, every one of us - NO EXCEPTIONS - is literally choosing our own experience of the Universe. Simple.

The purpose of this web site is to share with you some different things you can do, tools you can use, ideas you can apply, that will help you to be MUCH more conscious about what you are choosing.

If your life doesn't feel very good to you, and you would like it to feel better, YOU are the only one who can make that happen. And you can do so any time you choose to. I encourage you to explore this site. I guarantee that if you do, you WILL find something you can do for yourself to change your experience of YOUR Universe.

"Phoenix" written and performed by Cerise Patron.   Recorded at Unity of Phoenix on February 14, 2016.

My beautiful friend has put my story to music, and this gorgeous song is the result. I am so blessed and grateful.



In fact, I have two blogs... One is for... you know... "everyday" stuff. Personal insights and OM Ministry uploads.

The other is specifically dedicated to Successfully MidAir ideas, comments, questions, and "Ah-ha's" - from readers AND from myself, as well. I invite you - whether you have read the book or not, to check it out. You never know... you may just find something incredibly useful to you there.

"PEACE" has been "my thing" since I deliberately cultivated it in 1999/2000 while I was still with my last abuser.

I am very grateful to say that in 2011, I was ordained a "Spiritual Minister of Peace." I am also incredibly grateful that today's technology allows me to have an online ministry!


I've written down some things that I've found helpful, myself, in making my life feel easier and more enjoyable. And I've recorded some programs.

Are you struggling in any area of your life? Any, or all, of these books or recordings can help.

Reverend Sandra Anne Daly