Pop Your Paradigm tells the whole story of my escape from my last abuser:

  • How I changed MYSELF while I was still in that relationship.
  • How I became able to finally (the TENTH time) leave for good.
  • How I climbed onto a Greyhound bus and ran from Portland, Oregon to Phoenix, Arizona KNOWING that I was going to be homeless in an unfamiliar city.
  • And the absolutely SPECTACULAR experience that occurred as a result of that, landing me in a better life than the victim-version of me ever could have imagined.

This book is no longer available for purchase, however I'm happy to send the pdf of it to anyone who asks me for it.  If you'd like to read it, just email me at

Are you having a hard time? Would you like your life to feel better to you? This book was written for YOU! Read it to learn how you CAN HAVE that better life, no matter what you've lived before. 

In "Pop Your Paradigm" you will be introduced to the "inner tyrant" that controls the experiences of every person on this planet, including YOU. You will also see some fantastic examples - as I share my own story of leaving an incredibly ugly and painful life in favor of a new and beautiful one - of how to OVERTHROW that Tyrant! You WILL learn how to depose it, and free yourself from the bondage that you may not even realize you've been living in. Give yourself the gift of being willing to believe that you can... and then watch as your life gets better (and better and better) from the inside out as you apply the tools and techniques presented in this great book!


So what exactly IS a paradigm? What IS that inner tyrant?


Comments about Pop Your Paradigm!  
from some of my Teachers and friends...

“It is so wonderfully gratifying for me when I see someone grasp Life's Success principles as Sandra has done.  Not only has she used them to change her own life, but to help countless others to change theirs as well.  With POP YOUR PARADIGM! Sandra Daly shows what it looks like to actually neutralize—and then change—subconscious programming, thereby making it possible for anyone to create whatever life they want to be living.  Sandra shows that no matter who you are or what you’ve lived, it really is possible to change your life by changing your patterns of thought.”

~Mary Manin Morrissey~

"Holding POP YOUR PARADIGM! in your hands puts you just one short step away from all the good you will ever desire. Reading and applying the powerful information in this book will give you all the good you will ever desire. I have been studying and teaching PARADIGMS for over 40 years...  Sandra Daly has turned complicated concepts into easy to follow steps.  I want to congratulate her. This book leads to freedom, you should give a copy to your best friend."

Bob Proctor

“If you want a step-by-step guide for creating a life of your dreams from someone who has done it from the bottom up, POP YOUR PARADIGM! is the book for you!  Sandra Daly walked through the fires of life, learned to change from the inside out and emerged on the other side to live a life of spiritual depth, personal fulfillment and love.  In this book, she takes you by the hand and shows you how such change is possible.  As she has said, "If I can do it, anyone can!"  And with the help of this well-thought out, easy to understand book, you most definitely can.”

Rev. Dr. Michele Whittington


“In this book you will find the compelling and courageous story of a woman who “popped her paradigms” and restructured severely limiting self beliefs into a winning attitude, that eventually reshaped her whole life. For many reading this book it will serve as a testament of what can be accomplished when pain becomes unbearable. This book is a straight talking, handy tool for those ready to change their life for the better.” 

~ Rev. Sandy Schwartz

I have always respected Sandi and considered her in high regard. After reading this book, my level of respect for her has grown significantly. This book (and Sandi's example) can teach us all to let go of habits/patterns that may be holding us down and causing negative self-fulfilling prophecies. Sandi is proof that once you break your bonds, the sky is the limit. This book is very well written and an amazing story.

Richard Dahlmann

What inspired you to pick up Pop Your Paradigm?  If you are not able to answer that question now, you will certainly have a reason to gain insight to that question after reading this book.  I owe my deepest thanks to Sandi for sharing her candid - sometimes hard to continue reading - journey to freedom from her own personal paradigms.  She will, through this book, inspire in all who read it the ability to identify and free themselves of their own personal programming.  Here in her example is your opportunity to find just that little bit of motivation to expand those boundaries around your life that keep you from moving toward whatever bright star you dream of catching.  Warning:  If you are afraid to change, do not read this book.

Pamela Coe

Sandra Anne Daly

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