You are the only one who can!

Choose Your Universe

Just a brief explanation of what this program is:

On September 19, 1999 I purchased a $12.95 book for $120. It was a fundraiser item for Oregon Public Broadcasting, and I committed to paying $10.00 per month for 12 months for this book.

$10 a month for 12 months, for a $12.95 book. Who does that?! Me. And here is why I will be grateful for the rest of my life that I did:

You see, if I hadn’t made the $10 a month commitment, I would have read the book once and then forgotten all about it. As it was, I was in an abusive relationship at the time, and my abuser made it VERY challenging for me to be able to make those payments. I know. $10 is not very much. But it’s a lot when you don’t have it. It was not an effortless thing.

Because it took so much effort to make sure the money was in my account each month, that purchase was constantly on my mind, and so was the book, thank God! That book literally changed my life. But only because I committed to pay 10 times more than it was actually worth, and I made those payments every month.

THIS Power of W.O.W. program is inspired by that experience. If you’re done living a shit life (whether in relationship, or finances, or whatever), and you’re willing to do something just a little differently, sign up with me. Commit to that token $10.00 a month for 12 months, and let your life be changed because of it.

What will your $10.00 a month commitment get you? A copy of my new book when it launches, and access to a WEEKLY recorded call in which I will share insights, tips, and techniques for drastically improving your life. You will be able to email me your questions, and I will address them on the call. You will be able to call in and ask your question live if you would like. And you will be able to download each call recording.

That is a LOT for $10.00 a month. Why am I charging so little? Because I can. I have no interest in getting rich off of people who need help. But I do know that if you are not willing to make even that piddly investment in yourself then you will get nothing out of the content that I’m providing.

The choice is yours. Make the commitment to change your life for the better. Make the commitment to learn how to choose healthy responses to life. Do it for yourself. Do it for your children if you have them. Do it for the world, if you’re interested in making the world a better place. Do it for whatever reasons are important to you.

Would it be all right with you if your life got happier? Easier? More loving? If you could know your own value and importance? Join me. Make the commitment to yourself. Watch your life change right around you. Just… like… magic…

PS: For some of you, $10.00 a month won't even be a blip on your financial radar, so I'm adding some options. YOU decide what will catch your attention and hold it. $10 a month? $15? $20? or $25? All four of those options are available here for you to choose from. I encourage you to choose the one that will keep this program in your awareness. Do it for YOU, not for me.

I look forward to working with you!


Go here for the $10.00 per month option.