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Choose Your Universe

I am a woman who, after thirty years of abuse, gave myself a gift. That gift was a thought, and that thought was this, “There’s got to be a better way for me to live.” In my willingness to believe this thought when it popped into my mind, I found the key that would unlock the door that stood between me and the life I had never before dared to imagine could be possible for me. The opening of that door on September 19, 1999 led me to what is known as the "New Thought Movement," and I have been studying and practicing those teachings since that day. As a result of this study and practice, I no longer call myself a survivor of domestic violence—I now identify myself as a powerful example that those patterns really can be broken. No longer do I live as a prisoner of those patterns. I now stand as my own Champion, and I use my amazing story of transformation FROM a weak, helpless woman, living a totally "victim" life, TO the strong, powerful and empowered woman that I am today. I am a woman who HAS risen from the ashes of a life that I knowingly burned to the ground for the purpose of finding the ME that I am today.
I am the author of three books, all of which are available for purchase from this web site: 

Choose your Universe: The Art of Beginning Within

Pop Your Paradigm, Too! How to end your own "Cycle of Abuse" forever!

Successfully MidAir: How to navigate your leap of faith and land in the life you want!


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My friend, the talented and gifted Cerise Patron, recently wrote this song for me. If you know my story or have read Pop Your Paradigm, then you will know that this piece is a PERFECT musical representation of my life! I love it! This version is a bit rough because she hasn't made it into the studio yet, but it's beautiful just the way it is and Cerise has given me permission to upload the rough version until the studio version is ready. Thank you Cerise!